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Our Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are Strawberry in flavor and contain 20mg CBD per gummy. They come in cubes so that it can easily be cut in halves if you would like to mirco dose. Highest quality ingredients are only used. All Hempire Xtracts products are 3rd party lab tested.



We recomand you start with one 20mg gummy. Monitor how you feel and if it is giving you the desired result. Gummies do need to metabolize and have a delayed result. If needed go up in mg in increments of 10mg by cutting the cubed gummy in half. 




CBD Full Spectrum Gummies May be helpful for various purposes, like anxiety,helping with insomnia,pain,PTSD, inflamation. CBD gummies do not get you high. CBD gummies created from the full-spectrum hemp will always contain under the legal limit (.3%) of the chemical THC, which is not a high enough dose to get you ‘high’. However, remember that though CBD gummies look like candy, they are not candy. If you consume a lot of high-dose gummies in one sitting, you may experience a high sensation.



Hempire Full Spectrum Gummies 500mg